Chairman Neupane~ Omkar TV invited me to be interviewed under the title, ‘New
Technology and changes in education learning management systems after COVID-19
~ Vision Nepal’

The TV Journalist~
“Today we are facing many problems because of the
COVID -19 global pandemic.
Mr. Shiva Chandra Neupane is presenting an educational alternative- e-Studio from
Korea- in addition to Zoom and online education. Please tell us about this
technology you are introducing to Nepal and other Asian countries.

Chairman Neupane~
We are facing many difficulties from the Global COVID-19 pandemic. We human
beings are facing difficulties even though we have developed Information Technology
and political power, economic power and we now have the ability for our health to
remain strong. However, at this time, 9 million people have offered their lives globally
because of the Novel Coronavirus.

The TV Journalist~
Mr Neupane, please explain more about E-studio from Korea, Dr. Kim’s innovation.
How does it work and how does it differ from other similar technology?

Chairman Neupane~
This tele-class is a way to record a presentation in a studio such that teachers and
students are able to see each other face to face in an easy to record presentation
where they can connect easily. This Studio allows the students to feel close to the
Teacher as well. It is a permanent studio that students can connect to on their
mobile device. We are now training in how to use this technology and want to start
on the national level, in the Government sector, Private sector and NGO sector. It
will take a little more time to make the preparations to use this technology, as well
as to train on the different levels of software. I am certain that this a new innovation
which has come in this digital era.

The TV Journalist~
Please tell me more about such technology from Korea and Japan and how can we
acquire it?

Chairman Neupane~
During the past 30-40 years, the Nepal education system has remained poor
compared to that of Korea and Japan. Japan has had a long history of development
after World War II, after Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The Japanese people were able to
unite together when facing great adversities. This propelled tremendous
development in the nation of Japan.
Korea is also now highly developed in the education of new technology as the digital
era has come.
I want to introduce this technology to our Government and to the private sector to
resolve the difficulties of 4 million students who are being educated online at home
via Zoom. Vision Nepal wants to offer this education technology solution from Korea.
Nepal needs to have a shared vision on education, as well as on tourism and
business, and I believe that this will work towards solving its current problems.

The TV Journalist~
What does your Vision Nepal plan to do for others as an NGO?

Chairman Neupane~
It has been pioneering since 2010 for reconciliation and development, conducting
projects as a non-government and non-profit organization.

Chairman Neupane~
I am working in agriculture connected with Miyazaki ken, Japan as a form of
international education through a tour to learn about vegetables, meat, fisheries and
farming, starting from Nepal.

We will also continue to cooperate with JICA (the medical organization in Japan who
sent doctors to Nepal after the earthquake) and their partners in different villages
around Nepal.
Nepal needs to take care of the political situation to establish Nepal as a nation to
bring peace between the two countries of China and India.

The TV Journalist asked~

Tell me about your Tourism Business through which you have brought many people
to Nepal. What is your next plan with it?

Chairman Neupane~
Our Tourism Minister Announced that 2020 is the “Year of Tourism” for Nepal.
However, because of the pandemic we can’t think about global tourism right now.
We have to think of a new way to approach tourism. There is a VR simulator and
other technology which we will bring here as well in the future as a new approach to

The TV Journalist said~
Talk about the vision you have for development for the many people who have lost

Chairman Neupane~
It is now a different era in terms of science and technology. We should develop new
technology in agriculture since Nepal
has 4 seasons. If we produce many types of food including fruit and meat, we will
survive together with our other industrial development in Nepal because China and
India are big countries and Nepal is between these two countries.

5 million Nepali people are living overseas in more than 84 countries, and they should
carry technology, not only money, back to Nepal, which will generate skills
multiplication in our own nation where an agricultural revolution is needed. We now
have an opportunity to create interdependence and prosperity.

The TV Journalist asked~
What about the youth suicide rate right now? Do you have any plans to help with

Chairman Neupane~
Yes! We have a counselor program and teach the purpose of life and universal
principles! We want to give hope to the younger generation to have a big dream for
the future where the world can be one home and we all can be one family!

The TV Journalist said~
How can we change the development of political corruption in our country?

Chairman Neupane~
It is our social responsibility through public elections to elect better leaders, and we
have to follow law and social order. It is our human responsibility to follow the way
of filial piety for the future generations. We need good education and a true
ideological thought from now on with the failure of Communism and democracy as

It is an opportunity globally to change to new systems in an era of truth where we
believe that the will of God for us will never perish. We will fulfill our human
responsibility to live together with the creation and His principle. It is a time to
reflect and build up our power of immunity such that we can recover our hearts to
be closer to nature, and solve problems through our human responsibility as we
know it.

The TV Journalist said~
Finally, my short conclusion is~ May you bring hope to Nepal through your vision, and
may all Nepali people staying outside of Nepal bring more technology here for the
development of Nepal, and to help promote global change from now on.