Reconciliation & Development

 Nepal in Figures

 Individual annual income
The GDP per Capita in Nepal is equivalent to 6 percent of the world’s average. GDP per capita in Nepal averaged 397.36 USD from 1960 until 2017, reaching an all time high of 728.40 USD in 2017 and a record low of 267.10 USD in 1960.

 Population
The current population of Nepal is 29,705,774 as of Friday, October 5, 2018, based on the latest United Nations estimates. Nepal population is equivalent to 0.39% of the total world population.

 Economy
Nepal is one of the least industrialized and underdeveloped country having an unequal distribution of income. It is so due to poverty, illiteracy, traditional agricultural practice, low investment, low productivity, less industries and deficit trade. Here, 50 percent people are under poverty line. Nepalese economy is dependent upon foreign aid, loan and remittance. Foreign aid is the significant factor of the annual budget of the nation. In the present age of economic globalization and liberalization, Nepalese economy is a little part of regional and international economy in comparison to the world market.